Dr. Stuska is a leading expert in Strategy Development, Mergers & Acquisitions and Operations/IT. Within these areas he has held senior roles in consultancy projects and corporate positions around the world. His track record encompasses both the development of new strategies as well as the planning and realisation of implementation successes.

Prior to his time at MOONROC, Dr. Stuska was Partner & Executive at a major US corporation, where he was responsible for the global M&A business. Before that, Dr. Torsten Stuska was employed at Daimler AG. Dr. Stuska completed a doctoral study programme at the University of Cambridge, and holds a degree in Business Administration, from Bath and Strasbourg.



My mountain bike is my accomplice. My escape. One, two steps on the pedals and a whole new world unfolds. Freedom, taking a deep breath and gaining speed. I always enjoy my route above the Stuttgarter valley along the hilltops, vineyards and forests. My favourite spot is a wooden bench. Located just above the “Steppenheide” on top of the “Kappelberg”. I lean my bike against the bench and simply enjoy. Voltaire once said: “l faut cultiver notre jardin”. Everyone must cultivate and look after their garden. My gardens (the most important things) in life are my family and my friends. I truly enjoy spending time with them, here is my home, this is where I belong.